Answers to FAQ

I’ve successfully send booking request through web form but you have never replied!

We probably got your request but were unable to reply. Most common reason is  one mistyped letter in your email. Please try again and be extra careful when typing your email address.

Next reason might be that your mailbox is full, so our reply bounced back to us, as there is no free space at your end of the line. Please empty your mailbox. This happens mostly when you get lot of spam that eats up your mailbox.

Lastly, check your spam folder, our reply may have ended there out of your sight.

How long until you answer?

At most 24 hours, usually in 3-4 hours.

What languages do you speak?

In email communication only English that is translated with help of  Google translate service to your language.
In hotel our staff knows German, Italian, Slovenian, somewhat Hungarian, somewhat English.

Do you provide internet access in hotel?

YES we do, free WiFi in restaurant and terrace.

Are dogs allowed to the beach?

No, main beach Bijeca is forbidden for dogs. Beach on the opposite side is allowed for dogs. Please look at the map.